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* All healing has an energetic, emotional and spiritual foundation *

* Cultivating awareness, composting judgement *

* Listening and speaking from the heart *

* Nourishing what is, Being with change *

* Intimate engagement with nature *

* Inviting new ideas and openness *

* Ceremony, ritual and sacrament allows us to embody our values and divinity, as well as honor the unseen *

* Cultivate compassion for all beings *

* Spirituality and Activism go hand in hand *

* Taking personal responsibility in your healing process *

* We are embodied forms of the divine and are powerful reality-makers. We use this power to create meaningful positive changes here on the earth *

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Some of you may also know me as Chelsey McKrill from my past lives.

My pronouns are she/they.

I identify as a queer & relationally fluid being. I am an artist, medicine woman, embodiment practitioner, a radical devotionalist, and untamed seeker of the wild. 

Indigenous Land Acknowledgments: Lumi is currently living with joy, love, and reverence on Nisenan Land in Northern CA, also known as Nevada County. 

On 02/02/2020, I fell in a skiing accident and received a new teacher in the form of a traumatic brain injury.  I lived in sensory deprivation and navigated daily, piercing migraines. I eventually surrendered to all that I truly had. There was no other way through the pain. This looked like sitting on my knees, in my bathtub, the full moon reflecting in my tears... handing everything thought I cared about to universe. Returning to my breath, being in gratitude for each passing present moment. 

When I could finally tolerate sunlight and take recovery walks outside, something majorly changed: the plants and trees became more vibrant and alive, speaking loudly! Through the sensory landscape of my body, plant spirit communication became a normal part of my every day. I began to learn all about plants and took up foraging on a regular basis.

This painful healing process awakened me to each little now, and the remembrance that every inhale and exhale is a reminder of sacred reciprocity that is built in the clay of our bodies to all life on earth - particularly our green friends. Each breath ripples inside me, caressing the inner caverns of my being. 

I am a sensual being. I am LoveAgent here on earth. I use my intelligence in service of my heart. I seek balance and harmony. I underwent my first plant and second month long dietas: Yarrow and Rosemary. Ayahuasca ceremonies made profound impacts in healing my brain injury. The plants taught me we are all healers, we all carry the intrinsic wisdom and know-how to heal ourselves and our communities. Over time, I realized I had been shaken out of my "normal" life onto this path of spirituality and remembering so that I could share this deep remembrance of connection with the natural world, connection to each other, and to ourselves. 

My vision to be of service was crystalized further after the utterly heart-breaking loss of my little brother, who took his own life. Nathan was a veteran with PTSD.

Understanding Nathan's pain, and being with him during his final hours, took me through the death portal as well. Attuning to his pain and making sense of his decision have allowed a new depth of compassion within me. Nathan is now a spirit guide, who works with me in the medicine realm, who's life and story is now woven into my own. He was my primary inspiration in the formation of the  non-profit church, Chiapa Rao, that aims to provide community practice for veterans and anyone who seeks greater peace in their lives with what is. 

My purpose is to unveil a truth more beautiful that we thought possible: That as humans, we can choose to walk the planet and serve as a bridge, a conduit between the dualities of earth and the heavens. We were born to travel between realms, ideologies, personalities. We were born in the gesture of acceptance. We serve as a bridge so that we may cross into new realities, opening to otherness. Being a bridge means thriving in a state of curiosity, wonder and learning. By living as a bridge, we intrinsically know all life, ideas, realms, emotions, vibrations are interconnected. We are alive today to remember our interconnectedness to all life and the unity of the universe. We remember that we are incredibly powerful beings who have the ability to create change, that are words are spells, and that the world is awaiting our constant collaboration.

Before my brain injury, I was an entrepreneur and community builder in service to the plant medicine of Cannabis. I worked as a founding member of Kikoko, a women’s botanical wellness company - still thriving and creating incredible medicine and messages of health sovereignty . I weave together my years in business leadership with conscious, heart centered practices to assist my fellow humans in harmonious gratitude and action in their own lives. 

I am a Medical Qigong practitioner and teacher, as well as a life-long student of meditation, herbalism, fungi medicine, Shipibo Curanderismo, storytelling, and creative embodiment.

I offer Visionary Guidance (coaching) and Psychedelic Journey preparation and integration.

Medical Qigong is offered in 1:1 in-person sessions in the Bay Area of CA and Grass Valley, CA. Remote Medical Qigong sessions are offered via Zoom. Standing Qigong practice or workshops can be taught 1:1 or in private/public group practice at events, festivals, yoga studios, and online. 

Information about the non-profit church Chiapa Rao and sacred ceremonies can be found here. 

My art, stories and creative process is coming soon.

My Recent Training Includes:

250 hour Qigong Teacher Training,

Living Aligned Training (2022-present – Berkeley, currently in this program & working as an assistant to instructor)

Initiation through Sacred Plant Dieta in Shipibo Curanderismo,

Amazon Jungle, Peru, with Rono & Enrique Lopez and Mahua (2/2021 – present)

Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies, 

The Trauma Research Foundation, Led by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, author of The Body Keeps a Score, 2021-2022.

Certificate in Medical Qigong through Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College

(AIMC – Berkeley, 2020-2022)

‘The Way of Council’ – Group facilitation in ‘The Way of Council’ as formed by the Ojai Foundation (11/2019)

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