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1:1 Nourishing Conversations ~ Coaching Sessions

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Many people reach out to me who have had a profound, yet unexpected, mystical, direct spiritual experience from entheogenic plants or psychedelic medicines. 

These awakenings have the potential to open our hearts and minds to the mystical nature that surrounds us and has been a part of humankind's experience since the dawn of time. 

In recent centuries, and especially with modern culture, we have 'forgotten' what it means to be connected to the web of seen and unseen life. 

This 1:1 coaching is a dialogue, a conversation designed to nourish, honor and integrate your experience.

We do this by:

1 - Bringing awareness to and cultivating practices that will allow you to imbue this awakening & experience into the rest of your life, as well as create a foundation to support future psychedelic experiences. 

2 - Sitting with the deeper themes and subjects presented to you in your journey and dissecting the meanings that you are making, and working together to create meanings that serve, or dissolve meanings that don't. 

3 - Integrating your journey into your everyday world. Allowing for the magic of this experience to seep into your existence, your actions, your words, and the way you walk in the world. The idea is to dissolve separation from your mytho-poetic experience and daily life, and cultivate ease and presence to make way for others' direct spiritual/mystical experience - so you may contribute to creating a more connected and beautiful world then we thought possible

I am here to help you remember that engaging with mystery and the unknown can be pleasurable, instead of painful.  We discuss and find clarity around your boundaries to build awareness and trust with yourself in the world around you. 

​To aid our process, we will utilize guided meditations, visualizations, journal prompts, I-Ching (hexagram) and oracle readings, and Qigong practice to fully embody and integrate your expanded awareness. 

​The space I aim to hold is non-judgemental and loving, LGBT+, con-censual non-monogamy (CNM) informed, and trauma-informed.

No matter where you are at in your journey, associating toward the responsibility of earth-tending is a vital inquiry we'll explore together.

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves… Live the questions now. Perhaps you will gradually, without noticing it, live some distant day into the answer.” - Rainier Maria Rilke 

Please reach out for a 30 minute conversation to see if our work together is a fit. 

Reciprocity Requested: $120 for 70 minute sessions, 3 session minimum. Sliding scale available.

Most sessions take place over zoom, unless there exists the opportunity to meet in-person. 

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My practice is based out of Grass Valley, CA.
I provide this education, guidance and co-creation over video call,
phone and written word or can possibly travel by request.



We work together to create a pre-ceremony mindset, craft intentions, and discuss the habits and behaviors you would like to address.

Together we design healthful practices and rituals centered around true soul, body and mind nourishment tailored to you.

We will discuss and get ready what is needed to support you after ceremony. 



Ceremonies offer an opportunity for deep transformation. 

Are you beginning an entheogenic journey?

Want to learn about microdosing?

Interested in group or solo ceremonies?

Let's explore options, resources and guidance, I'm here to listen to your story and give suggestions for sourcing your next steps, including the right questions to ask yourself and a potential practioner or in-person guide you may work with. 



Integrative work is often overlooked, yet is key in taking downloads into doing!

Together we reflect and process what was revealed during your ceremony. 

We do this both through talking and somatic processes.

We will nurture in case of a rough experience, and/or look at how to maintain joy and insight of a peak experience. 

We arrange ongoing support and accountability as needed. 

Set up a free 30 minute consultation call with me.

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