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Ayahuasca: Shipibo Medicine

I carry medicine from my Shipibo teachers, Enrique and Rono Lopez who have initiated me in the oral traditions of their lineage, passed down from their ancestors. Their medicine is alchemized with the loving presence and medicine I carry from my own lineages, and is shared in a ceremonial inward-style journey with Shipibo icaros on our land in Grass Valley (see yurt pictured above!).

If this medicine is calling you, or if you have questions, I encourage you to reach out. Ayahuasca is not for everyone! It is a very deep medicine. I am here as your guide to help you understand if this ceremony is right for you with where you are at in your life. 

Intimate community ceremonies are regularly offered in a rustic setting in a large yurt. The space allows for communing with nature in a special way. 

I offer private ceremonies for 2 or more people and can travel to various locations. 

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Remote Psychedelic Journey Design

Are you planning for your own, solo psychedelic experience?

Let me help you create the most comfortable and inspiring set and setting that will facilitate the deepest journey.

I support with preparation, choosing your journey medicine, designing the experience, and post-experience integration.

My support looks like question and answer, providing best practices, intention creation, non-judgemental loving presence and space holding (listening), guided meditations, and embodiment practices. 

I can also make recommendations for therapists and other healing modalities.

This is a three hour package of zoom session or phone calls to cover our time together. This often looks like one preparation call and two integration calls, but can be designed and added to as needed. ​

Reciprocity / Donation on a sliding scale basis depending on financial status and non-monetary trade options. 

 $300 - $600

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Ceremonial Group Mushroom Journey

2-8 individuals

I create an intentional container unique to your group's needs and desires that is a custom combination of nature, song, guided meditation, sacred silliness, art therapy, rest, prayer, and movement. Hosted at my temple or another place we have chosen together. 

25+ individuals

Co-led with another experienced space holder, we create a journey similar to the above - but with additional elements to choose from. 

Wonderful for camp-outs, birthday events, or retreats.

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Hands-on Shamanic Qi Emission Therapy
* trauma-informed touch *

I bring together my training in Medical Qigong Therapy (AIMC) with shamanic practices and trauma-informed counseling to assist you in remembering your innate wisdom and your own inner healer. 

This practice involves you laying on a massage table is customized combination of intention cultivation, acupressure touch & massage, sound healing, non-touch energy work, standing qigong practice, counseling and herbal recommendations.

This is a deep treatment and is recommended that you have at least a half-day to devote to your healing.

Sessions take place in the yurt temple on the Nowahni land in Grass Valley. 

Sessions are between 90 minutes and 3 hours and are priced on a sliding scale. 

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1:1 Visionary Leadership Coaching

Combining my background in business/entrepreneurship with my experience in medicine work, I offer support through major life transitions, traditional interpersonal leadership coaching and spiritual guidance. 

In what I call nourishing conversations, I share my mystical lens of life that involves working with ancestors, plant/animal/elemental spirits, archetypes, and always - the sacred silly! Humor is a big part of my approach and key in staying open to what the universe brings us. 

Through these esoteric practices, we focus primarily on the transition and/or intentions you are cultivating in your life, project, and/or organization.  

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Qigong Practice

This practice has survived thousands of years because of it's effectiveness at regulating our emotions, creating harmony in our bodies, and building our imagination through visualization techniques!

Qigong is combines breathwork, gentle movement, and guided meditations to heal and create peace. 

Ways to practice with me:

* Community practice over zoom - sign up for my emails to receive upcoming times 

($15-$20 suggested donation)

* 1:1 hour long customized sessions over zoom 

* Book me at your next retreat, festival or group event

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Medicine Woman, Medicine Pouch

I carry other sacred medicines and practices that are not currently listed here. 
Please reach out to discuss the full range of my offerings. 
Iraké! Thank you, I love you.

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